We market and distribute all kinds of food products. In Caraps you will find a safe bet due to the high quality of our products, among which we emphasize the cured sausages such as Iberico Jamón de Bellota. Pure oils of extra virgin olive oil and derived from olive. Cheeses of different varieties, denominations and countries. The sausages cooked like sweet ham or sausages. Canned vegetables and legumes or canned products from the sea.

Iberian and sausages

· Iberian Ham
· Iberian Shoulder
· Serrano ham
· Iberian chorizo
· Longaniza
· Fuet
· Cooked ham
· Sausages

Oils and olives

· Extra virgin olive oil
· Olives
· Stuffed olives


· Cured
· Semicured
From different regions and countries.

Canned vegetables

· Asparagus
· Piquillo peppers
· Artichokes
· Pineapple
· Peach

Canned seafood

· Tuna
· Cockles
· Mussels
· Clams
· Anchovies